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Wow, so that “Princess Avengers” guy totally pulled a Greg Land and traced the major elements of this photo of Tallest Silver’s Power Girl cosplay for his Hulk drawing, without even owning up to it.

Great job, guy.

I wonder who the other Princess Avengers are modeled after.

Wow, thanks for the credit, OP! You know, I don’t mind it when people draw me or use my likeness for things, but asking would be nice (I almost ALWAYS say yes! I just wanna see the work!) and giving credit is appreciated.

It’s a neat photoshop, but come on. Why you gotta play me like that, artist?

he’s also deleting all comments on Deviantart pointing out that you’re the model

Go team! He has now give her credit in the description! :) Good for him for doing the right thing. I look forward to seeing more of his art in the future, these were really interesting pieces!

I kinda yelled at him for deleting comments and requesting tip money for… tracing? And I scolded him about the other cosplayers. He’s claiming ignorance but… Google search now applies to images. 

The fact that he was deleting comments that pointed out the fact he traced and/or used my image just….. I dunno… rubs me the wrong way. 

I looked at those pictures and its just… kinda gross. Like, I had to look for the ‘credit’ to Silver. Its hidden in a wall of text with no links to where you can see her cosplay or even the original picture. And that paragraph about his inspiration and blah de blah just… like Silver said: Rubbed me the wrong way. He knows what he did. The jasmine and Pocahontas pictures are clearly very well known cosplay pictures… :/

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    I looked at those pictures and its just… kinda gross. Like, I had to look for the ‘credit’ to Silver. Its hidden in a...
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    What is artistic integrity?
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    doesn’t he know he can’t get away with things like that with these girls?
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    If its on the internment it’s fair game for use
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