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Needs to STOP.

I’m not just talking about saying crap like that to me. That minor comment is not the first time something like that has happened or been said to or about me, and its not the last. (Remember the time I got glared at and talked shit about by another Harley and her group for an entire convention?) Its not the first time something like that has been said to any cosplayer.
I’m talking about saying crap like that about other cosplayers in general.

Lets just revisit some basic etiquette here. It is rude to comment on a picture of someone you are not friends with on their own personal facebook and refer to them as a cunt. Especially if its only because they are wearing a costume you want to/plan on wearing. Its still rude to do so on 4chan, deviantart, tumblr, coscom, facebook etc. But doing so on their personal page? WOW.

I’m just using this recent comment as an example. This is tame compared to some comments I, and countless others have had to put up with.

We cosplayers have a problem. A serious problem. Male and Female cosplayers alike hate on others simply because the person in question is cosplaying a character they want to, or have cosplayed in the past. We get attached to a character, or the idea of a character, and become threatened by this other person having the audacity to dress up as the same character we want to or have dressed up as, and choose to lash out verbally. We aim to hurt, to cut them down, to make ourselves feel better.

This is not okay.

That other cosplayer that you just insulted has done nothing wrong, has done nothing to offend you by wearing a costume and having a good time in it. They are not cosplaying to spite you. They don’t have some secret connection to your brain and your cosplay list and they are most certainly not cackling evilly, twirling their old time-y villain moustaches and checking off each character on that list. 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t matter HOW good a cosplayer looks in their costume, how much recognition one gets or doesn’t get, how accurate a costume is or even what convention the costume is worn to. It doesn’t. None of that makes one cosplayer better than another.

Calling each other ‘cunts’ and ‘tramps’ and ‘bitches’ certainly does not make anyone a better person than someone else.

It has been said to death, but I don’t think anyone is actually attempting to let it sink in. So I’ll say it again:

We are all grown ass adults dressing up as comic book, video game, movie, and tv show characters.

She’s not better than her for going to more conventions, being 100% screen accurate or having a slimmer body and bigger bustline. He’s not better than him for having flawlessly detailed costumes, having shimmering abs or knowing people in the industry.

I will say it again: We’re wearing god damn costumes, people. For 90% of the cosplay community, this is a hobby, for fun. You remember fun? You know, ha haha ha ha?

So please, for the love of all things nerdy, stop putting each other down. Stop talking trash online. Stop glaring at someone at a con because they are dressed as the same character as you.

If you think their costume is better than yours, look at their construction and try and learn from it. If you see someone cosplaying the same person as you, go up to them and talk about how awesome that character is!

Let go of that anger and jealousy, stop being so overprotective of the character you love and make new friends, don’t create nemeses.

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